Fullbody Orgasm and EnergySex

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It seems to be one of this regularly evolving myth of tantric life: the Energy-Sex and the “FullBodyOrgasm”…

(Because of the repeated questions:
the english workshop about fullbodyOrgasm and EnergySex starting at 9.7.2017 in Berlin can be found here: You can book your place here: click!)

What is EnergySex

If you have a great desire, an overwhelming lust or even an orgasm, without your partner touching you at all … that is energy sex. Both partners interact at the energetic level, ie without physical contact.

The phenomenon is a real thing, not to be confused with a pretended orgasm. If you are playing an orgasm, you play and you are looking for an external effect. If you devote yourself to energy sex, you can dive deeper into your experience than you ever thought it possible (no nonsense!). There are a lot of traditions seeking to help you to achieve this state of bliss. You will reach multiple orgasms within one session.

When you let go, give yourself to your feelings and feelings, to your body and follow the impulses … you can make a deep experience comparable to nothing in the world. It is like “StarSex” … indescribable, the flowing and streaming and twitching and waves and reefing, total relaxation and lusty flow are really not to put into words, it´s even beyond the multi-orgasmic state.

What is a FullbodyOrgasms?

When the energy of life flows all the way through the body, when convulsive movements involuntarily move the body from inside, when you are leaving feelings and sensations uncontrolled, while the pleasurable movements roll through your whole body, it is heaven, and it is called full-body orgasm.
You can experience it with a partner during “daily life sex”, but this is probably rare.
Even more rarely is when you experience it for yourself alone – but also that is possible, even without touching.
Most likely, you will experience it when another person holds and directs the energy so that you can let go yourself completely in this experience.

It is directed by women for men (see the video of “Sasha Cobra”),
and by men for women and
by women for women (see a video by Dakini Sophie)…
A video example of a man who leads a man with full body organs is still missing, but the practical experience of the workshops is proving that this is a good possibility, too.

… so it is not dependent on whether a woman or a man is supporting you letting flow your energy. It is important that you drop yourself into the moment, that you feel safe and let go. You will reach
unimaginable heights…

OK, so let´s start?!

Orgasm is usually defined as relaxation in the peak. The orgasm actually happens before relaxation, that is, in the state of the highest energy charge. Some, especially men, often connect orgasm and ejaculation, which are actually two different processes in the body.
In your relaxed body, you can build up energy and increase it through tension and relaxation. By breathing (eg deep abdominal breathing) you can build up energy in your body and approach a high and higher level of orgasmic flow in your body.

You will learn to hold the state of pleasure … and once you become experienced, you can also hold this lingering state of tension and relaxation for hours. If you are not experiencing this in your actual sex life, you may have learned to unload tension as quickly as possible.
You can learn to maintain this condition and use it for your pleasure through special exercises (and practice). We teach exercises to increase your perception and sensation and also respiratory and physical exercises from different backgrounds in our 3-day-workshop. Once you surrender to the flow of energy that moves in your body and beyond your body, you can reach a state of long-lasting ecstasy… we will lead you there in a well-thought-out path in this short time.

During the weekend seminar, we will explain all these exercises in detail. They are preparing the energy to grow in your whole body. You will practice with each other and will always become better in keeping the energy in our body… and within a very short time, your own experience will start to raise beyond your thoughts.

During the workshop, we also practice giving attention to our own energy flow. This is done by means of breathing exercises, guided body meditation, partner exercises from Contact Improvisation and Tai Chi and Qi Gong…
Leading your partner conscious to a higher level of arousal is part of the workshop. If someone supports you, your body energy (Chi) can be guided accordingly to build even greater intensity than you can do by yourself. To experience this mutual support – and to learn – can greatly expand your access to sexuality.

A little hint at the end: there is no sexual union during the workshop, nor is there an effort to force orgasms. The resulting experiences can arise because consciously no compulsion and no goal is set. The workshop takes place rather dressed than naked.

The workshop is not suitable for people who take psychopharmaceuticals or other substances that change consciousness, or that are acutely caught in psychological processes or are prone to epileptic seizures.

After watching the following video examples register here for the workshop.
You can learn this, too.



Woman supporting a man:

Woman supporting a woman:


and once again woman with woman:



and it works also with shoes 😉 :

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